With our partner organizations, the Dearborn Area Chamber of Commerce develops initiatives that recruit new businesses, industries and employment options to Dearborn capturing spending and creating an economic impact.

City of Dearborn Community & Economic Development

The mission of the Economic and Community Development Department of the City of Dearborn is to stabilize and enhance the tax base and maintain and enhance the quality of life by: Fostering continued economic development, redevelopment and reuse of commercial and industrial sites, facilities and districts; Assisting in the financing of public and private capital improvement projects; Improving the housing stock and neighborhoods; and, Promoting improvement of the human environment.

Continued Success in Dearborn

World-class living, working, learning, playing Dearborn is home to entrepreneurs, family businesses, and global corporations. This community offers world-class cultural attractions, top-notch education opportunities, and numerous entertainment, dining and shopping options to the 100,000 residents, 120,000 employees, and 30,000 students who live, work, learn, and play in the City.

Continuing the City’s success, several promising economic developments shape a strong and vibrant Dearborn.

West Downtown Dearborn

As part of the Wagner Place development in west downtown through the work of Ford Motor Company, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) and the city, the new Wagner Place Park continues to be a popular gathering spot and hosts numerous events like the Farmer’s Market, and concerts.

Also included in the Wagner Place development is streetscaping around Monroe, Mason and West Village Drive. This streetscaping allows West Village Drive to become a space for special events.

Among the new businesses, in Wagner Place and beyond in west Dearborn are:

The Blue Fish restaurant
Jolly Pumpkin restaurant
Poke Poke Sushi restaurant
Desert Rose Boutique, Clothing and Accessories
The Great Commoner restaurant
Avenue Bruch restaurant
Milkster Nitrogen Creamery, desserts
Eleanor’s Café restaurant
District 12 restaurant
Paradise Biryani Pointe restaurant
Black Box Gallery coffee and art venue
Bulldog’s Cheesesteaks restaurant

East Downtown Dearborn

Haraz Coffee
Peacock Indian Cuisine
Poke Poke Sushi restaurant
Pine Coast Café restaurant
Kidcadia play scape and play café
Poke Poke Sushi restaurant

Investment continues in east Dearborn. Among the newest businesses are above and more on the way! M Cantina is expanding their space and numerous properties are in the process of facelifts, renewing their facades and utilizing Open Door Dearborn Business Assistance Grant program.

All 53 apartments in the City Hall Artspace Lofts continue to be occupied. And the Downtown Dearborn organization offers more events and activities inside in conjunction with the residents of Artspace, as well public events in the surrounding Historic City Hall Park.

Other Downtown News

In addition, Dearborn continues its good work in the Warren Avenue Business Improvement District and the Dix-Vernor Business Improvement District. These organizations are set up like the city’s West and East Downtown Development authorities. Revenue generated in the districts can be used for projects and promotions that benefit those districts, under the governing board made up of the mayor, business people, and residents.

Plans are in the works to build features that will enhance the visitor experience in the Dix-Vernor area, as well as along Warren Avenue. In both cases, the city is working with the improvement districts to better define and promote the important districts.

More Transportation News

The City continues to work with Ford Motor Company and other partners on several Greenway Projects.

An anticipated extension eventually will create a central five-mile loop in Dearborn, connecting multiple complexes, including Ford Motor Company’s World Headquarters, the John D. Dingell Transit Center, the UM-Dearborn Campus, Henry Ford College, Fairlane Town Center, The Henry Ford and the Civic Campus.

The City has approved a multimodal transportation plan that includes non-motorized options and alternative transit systems, such as autonomous vehicles.

Other Transformative Activity

Ford Motor Company is continuing its 10-year plan to transform its World Headquarters and Research and Engineering campuses, a multi-billion dollar investment in the city, These investments will update Ford facilities to better position it to become a 21st century mobility company. The $3 billion redevelopment will include creating public spaces and focusing on a pedestrian-friendly design.

These steps will also further develop an environment to attract and retain members of the talent pool. The City wants to capitalize on this project by working in tandem on pedestrian-friendly opportunities connecting the campus to the neighborhoods and to the business districts and encouraging the development of housing that will appeal to the talent pool.
Initiatives also continue to develop ways to enhance the Michigan Avenue corridor between Detroit and Dearborn.

Ford purchased the Michigan Central Train Station in the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit, a location just a few miles outside Dearborn, with the intention of building more connections with its Dearborn operations and between our two communities along the Michigan Avenue corridor.

The City is working on developments to increase housing diversity and options for residents, including lofts, rentals and other options.  In late 2019, development began on an eight acre site for a mental health hospital on Rotunda Drive by Beaumont Health. This will be beneficial in addressing the large need for high quality mental health care in Wayne County, and will create jobs.

The City is working on plans for two ADA-accessible kayak dock launches within city-owned parks. Funded by a grant from the Department of Natural Resources, they will provide recreation and economic benefits to the city through tourism and community redevelopment.

The Branding Dearborn initiative launched in 2019 and continues; its mission of creating a cohesive and compelling story for Dearborn that can be used in promoting economic opportunities, recruiting employees and attracting home buyers and new residents.