We Want To Hear From You

Asking and Listening

Learning more about our members’ needs, business challenges, and success metrics is a key to functioning as en effective chamber and valuable partner for you!   

This fall, we are polling our members to better understand their challenges and opportunities … and because we know how busy you are, we are asking ONE question at a time.

These periodic one-question polls can be found at the  

How We will Use the Information

Knoing more about our members’ business issues will help us in any ways:

  1. Tailoring Services: By collecting feedback, we can better tailor services and offerings.
  2. Networking Opportunities: Surveys help us identify the kinds of networking opportunities members are interested in.

  3. Data-Driven Decision Making: Surveys provide data and insights that can be analyzed to make informed decisions, and hlp with our strategic planning.
  4. Promoting Economic Growth: By understanding the challenges faced by local businesses, we will be better able to support an environment conducive to economic growth.

Working together, we will meet our goal of creating a true Chamber of Opportunity!

Follow the Dearborn Chamber:  threads.net/@dearbornareachamber 

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