Volunteer for the 2019 Special All-Stars Day

  • Day of Event, Friday, August 2nd
    8:00 a.m. Volunteers please arrive at the Shelter near the tennis courts
    at Ford Field Park, located at the corner of Morley/Monroe
    St., in Dearborn

    When you arrive at the shelter, ask for *Renee Aloe. *You will be assigned
    a job at that time.

    8-9 a.m. Set-up and decorate
    12-12:30 p.m. Tear down decorations and clean-up

    In between, we expect all volunteers to have *FUN* cheering on the
    All-Stars, pop in the activities area on the tennis courts, dance with an All-Star at the dance
    party, you may ride rides with the All-Stars, and of course, take a break and have a snack at the shelter.

    Our mission at Special All-Stars Day is for all the volunteers to help make this a fun and special day for the All-Stars and their families. You may see that someone needs help with direction, or someone may need help carrying something, please make sure to assist them. We roll out the red carpet for everyone that day. It is the All-Stars Day, and we do everything  we can to ensure a good safe time that day.

    Volunteers, please wear comfortable clothes and dress for the weather. It is usually hot that day. If you can, wear a red t-shirt. The participant’s
    know that volunteers wear a “red”t-shirt, and can go to them for help, if needed.

    Any questions, please contact Renee Aloe at (313) 584-6100 or by email

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