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The Dearborn Area Chamber of Commerce serves as a source of information regarding legislative policy and issues impacting the business community.

UPDATE October 2018:  As we close in on our last 13 days until our mid-term elections on November 6th, we’re providing a few non-partisan resources to aid in your decision making!

Check out the latest issue of the The Bridge Magazine from the Center for Michigan,  

The Bridge

The Center for Michigan, which includes Bridge Magazine, was created to help Michigan citizens develop an agenda to move our state forward.  See the fact checked last gubernatorial debate, how each candidate will change our roads, educational systems and more.  The Bridge is forward focused on  Michigan’s health and economic well-being; our competitive position and developing jobs for the next century.

Bridge’s mission is to inform Michigan citizens through fact-based, nonpartisan journalism that identifies critical issues and helps citizens navigate the challenges of our civic life. Our goal at Bridge is simple: To better inform Michigan’s private citizens so as to encourage a vibrant state in both the private and public sectors.

See all ballot proposals, and your local voting guide explained by the League of Women Voters

The League of Women Voters , a non-partisan political organization, encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.


UPDATE September 2018:  There are fewer than 50 days until election day and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce launched a new website, Vote for Jobs, to help our members prepare.  On this site find links to check your registration, request absentee ballots and polling sites.

September 2018 Tariffs update:  Our Administration introduced a third round of new tariffs on a variety of Chinese imports yesterday. Items on this list will be subject to a 10% tariff starting September 24 and will increase to 25% at the end of 2018:

In response, China is imposing new tariffs on $60 billion worth of U.S. goods. Here is the proposed list China put out last month. We expect the final list of tariffs will be pretty close to this:

Please let us know if we can be of any help to you/your members on this issue. For more info, please visit


UPDATE JULY 26, 2018:  Meet the Candidates Returns!  

The Dearborn Area Chamber is delighted to partner with the League of Women Voters of Dearborn and Dearborn Heights for all the news you can use and resources for  Election Day August 7th, our primary!  Join us for our Monroe Street Stroll & Meet the Candidate event!

All the details are here:  

JULY 2018:  

Tariffs, retaliation and international trade in general have been in the news a lot lately.  Trade policy is quickly evolving, generating many questions and uncertainty.  In an effort to help stay on top of the issue, we’re providing a list of resources and updates that may impact your business.

July 20, 2018:  The latest impact from the US Chamber and the media info:

The Environment Report Michigan Radio, Local Michigan Newsprint effected by tariffs:

Local impact of a global trade war: More than 1,000 local news hits 

Here is the state-by-state impact of tariffs as of July 2, 2018:

If you have input on tariffs effecting your business positively or negatively please let your legislators know your story, as the House & Senate will be voting on these issues.

Michigan’s snapshot:

Please do inform me at the Chamber and I will funnel your comments to the US Chamber as well.  313.584.6100, ext. 305


Steel and Aluminum Tariffs

On March 23, the White House imposed new import tariffs of 25% on steel and 10% on aluminum from most countries. Temporary reprieves for Canada, Mexico and the EU expired on June 1, effectively doubling the volume of imports subjected to tariffs.

In terms of direct effects, U.S. steel prices have risen by 40% since Jan. 1 and are now nearly 50% higher than prices in Europe; aluminum prices have been highly volatile. The June 1 move to double the metals imports subject to tariffs will have further effects. U.S. manufacturers and construction firms are feeling the bite.

Retaliatory tariffs on about $40 billion of U.S. exports will soon be in place.  See below chart for more detail.

Retaliatory Tariffs Chart courtesy of White & Case:


Country Tariff Rates Products Targeted Annual US Export Value (Millions of USD) Annual Tariff Value (Millions of USD) Effective Date Source
China 15%-25% See WTO Article 12.5 Notification $2,750.00 $611.45 In Effect as of 2-Apr-18 WTO Article 12.5 Notification
EU (Annex 1) 25% See WTO Article 12.5 Notification $3,200.00 $700.00 20-Jun-18 WTO Article 12.5 Notification
EU (Annex 2) 10%-50% See WTO Article 12.5 Notification $3,800.00 $800.00 23-Mar-21 WTO Article 12.5 Notification
India 5%-100% See WTO Article 12.5 Notification $10,006.00 $800.10 21-Jun-18 WTO Article 12.5 Notification
Japan N/A See WTO Article 12.5 Notification $1,910.51 $439.94 18-Jun-18 WTO Article 12.5 Notification
Turkey 5%-40% See WTO Article 12.5 Notification $1,784.74 $266.54 21-Jun-18 WTO Article 12.5 Notification
Russia N/A See WTO Article 12.5 Notification $3,158.10 $537.60 18-Jun-18 WTO Article 12.5 Notification
Canada 10%-25% See Official Notice of Intent $12,789.35 1966.32* 1-Jul-18 Official Notice of Intent
Mexico 15%-25% Official Decree N/A 646.12* In Effect as of 5-Jun-18 Official Decree
TOTAL: $39,398.70 $6,768.07


Tariffs on Chinese imports

On June 15, The White House released two lists of products imported from China that will be subject to 25% tariffs as a result of its Section 301 investigation into Chinese forced technology transfer and intellectual property practices. China has responded with its list of U.S. products now subject to additional tariffs.


List of products from China subject to new tariffs beginning July 6:


More products from China that may be subjected to tariffs starting in late July/early August:


List of U.S. products subject to new tariffs in China beginning July 6:

Auto Tariffs

These are still in the proposal stage and the Administration has not implemented anything at this point.

Here is a brief report from the Peterson Institute for International Economics on the proposed tariffs on automobile imports.

This article from Crain’s, just published this afternoon, gives a good overview:

We will have more for you on this as the situation develops.

It’s important for the business community to provide feedback and communicate concerns.  We encourage you to contact your members of Congress to let them know how these tariffs are affecting your business.


U.S. House of Representatives Phone Directory

U.S. Senate Directory


UPDATE 2017:

The Dearborn Area Chamber is delighted to partner with the League of Women Voters of Dearborn and Dearborn Heights for all the news you can use and resources for  Election Day November 7th, 2017:  for all the information, this is a very comprehensive site!

Resources for local, state and county officials and offices:

The issues this season:

Find your polling station, ballot and more info here:

July 27th, 2017 Meet the Candidates:


UPDATE:  November 23, 2016, DOL Current Information

Bloomberg BNA twitter LinkedIn Blog CLE
Daily Labor Report
Latest Developments
Judge Blocks Overtime Rule in Surprise Decision

Posted November 22, 2016, 05:33 P.M. ET

By Ben Penn

A federal judge barred the Labor Department today from implementing its new overtime rule, unexpectedly granting an injunction that deals a severe blow to one of the president’s landmark workplace regulations.

The court enjoined the rule nationwide days before it was scheduled to take effect Dec. 1, when some 4 million workers were expected to become newly eligible for time-and-a-half pay.

Twenty-one states argued at a hearing Nov. 16 that injunctive relief was warranted because the DOL exceeded its authority in setting such a high salary threshold of $47,476, below which workers are eligible for overtime pay.

The judge froze the rule before enforcement could begin under Obama’s DOL. President-elect Donald Trump may consider revising the regulation through rulemaking or legislation, if the court winds up restoring it.

The case is Nevada v. DOL, E.D. Tex., No. 4:16-cv-00731, motion granted 11/22/16.

And here is the update from our member Clark Hill:

Federal Judge Blocks New Salary Level Overtime Regulations from Taking Effect December 1, 2016

UPDATE:  July & August 2016:

August 9th:  Intellectual Property Round-table:

On behalf of the Dearborn Chamber of Commerce and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Global Intellectual Property Center, we invite you and your colleagues to join a business roundtable discussion with U.S. Representative Dave Trott (R-MI) focusing on the critical business issues of intellectual property rights and innovation. We hope you can join us!

Please register today as space is limited.

EVENT:            Intellectual Property Business Roundtable with U.S. Rep. Dave Trott

DATE/TIME:     Tuesday, August 9, 11:30AM-1:00PM

LOCATION       North Center Brewing Company

410 North Center Street

Northville, MI 48167



See the Candidate Forum before the August primaries, thanks to the League of Women Voters:


July 20:  Meet the Candidates, 5:30 pm -7:00 pm Staybridge Suites, Details and Registration here:



Friday, October 9, 2015

Contact: Rep. George T. Darany

Greater Wayne County Caucus

Committed to Communities

Legislators convene to renew focus on out Wayne County neighborhoods


LANSING – The Greater Wayne County Caucus has come together with a

renewed focus on issues that impact communities in the greater metro Detroit area.

The caucus consists of State Representatives Paul D. Clemente (D-Lincoln Park),

Laura Cox (R-Livonia), George T. Darany (D-Dearborn), Erika Geiss (D-

Taylor), Kurt Heise (R-Plymouth Township), Robert Kosowski (D-Westland),

Bill LaVoy (D-Monroe), Frank Liberati (D-Allen Park), Leslie Love (D-Redford

Township), Kristy Pagan (D-Canton), and Julie Plawecki (D-Dearborn Heights),

and Patrick Somerville (R-New Boston).

The Greater Wayne County area is home to a unique blend of communities

and it is an integral part of the state of Michigan. This caucus is committed to the

specific needs of these neighborhoods and will help ensure that their issues and

concerns are being addressed. The caucus will work together to bring area issues to

the forefront when discussing legislation and state priorities. Most recently, the

caucus voted Representative George T. Darany as the Caucus Chairperson.

“As someone who has lived in this area my entire life, it is truly an honor to

be selected by my colleagues to serve as the chair of the Greater Wayne County

Caucus,” Darany said. “This caucus will provide our communities with a distinct

voice and it will bring together some of the hardest-working and most dedicated

legislators. I sincerely appreciate this opportunity and look forward to working

with my caucus members to best serve our residents.”

The caucus also selected Representative Paul D. Clemente to serve as the

Vice Chairperson, Representative Julie Plawecki to serve as the Secretary, and

Representative Bill LaVoy to serve as the Parliamentarian.


Fixing Michigan Roads?

Proposal 1 Special Election

 A Special event to Raise Citizen Awareness on Issues of Interest

 Thursday, April 9, 2015

University of Michigan – Dearborn

Room 1500 Social Sciences Building

 Networking Opportunity, 5:00 – 6:00 pm, Program 6:00 – 7:30 pm

Light refreshments will be available

Parking is FREE in the parking garage or surface lot across from the SSB

The event is free but RSVPs are encouraged to Bill Hatley at or 313-388-6210 (leave a message)

Public welcome!!!

 Sponsored by U of M –D Institute for Local Government, American Society for Public Administration, Detroit Metropolitan Chapter and LWV Dearborn/Dearborn Heights

Speakers for this Special Event include:

 Mr. Bill Hamilton

Michigan House Fiscal Agency

Mr. Eric Lupher

Citizens Research Council of Michigan

Mr. Brad Williams

Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Paul Mitchell,

Coalition Against Higher Taxes & Special Interest Deals

UPDATE:  March 2015  
Please join us for this important discussion!!



On May 5 voters will be asked to vote YES or NO on Proposal 15-1 to amend the State Constitution.  This complicated proposal includes many important provisions such as increasing the Michigan sales tax from 6-7%  and eliminating the gasoline sales /use tax, altering school funding sources, and more.     The League of Women Voters of Dearborn/Dearborn Heights invites the public to an explanation of Proposal 15-1 at the Caroline Kennedy Library, 24590 George Street, Dearborn Heights on Monday, April 20 at 7:00 PM.


Eva Packard, Director of Voter Service for LWV-Michigan will be the featured speaker, making a PowerPoint presentation to help the public in understanding this major tax issue.   Ms. Packard is conducting similar forums throughout the state.

The League of Women Voters is a national non-partisan organization which encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government, works to increased understanding of major policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.


The League does not support or oppose political parties or candidates.  Membership is open to all U.S. citizens, 18 or older.  For additional information contact the League office at 313.278.6476 or by email <>.

League of Women Voters

Dearborn / Dearborn Heights

120 N. Military, Dearborn, MI, 48124


Phone:     313-278-6476





Updates:  October 2014

Election Day is November 4, 2014, 7:00 am -8:00 pm

Voter Guide for Dearborn and Dearborn Heights residents:

The League of Women Voters (313) 278-6476 & website:

Looking for information on the Dearborn Public Schools “Hold Harmless” Millage Renewal? This ballot proposal is a RENEWAL of a millage that was first approved in 1995. The reason for the millage was to make up a short fall between the old funding method and the new funding method created by the passage of Proposal A. Visit for a complete explanation of the impact of Proposal A on school funding.

Click here to read the ballot language and here to read an excerpt of the Property Tax Limitation Act of 1933.

Updates:  September 2014

Helpful Links to City and State Resources:

Resources in Your County

Resources in Your State


Updates:  August 2014

It’s primary season we’ve provided some helpful links for your perusal:

Explore the Issues:

Key Bill information:

How is your county’s voter turnout:

Updates: July 2014

Dearborn Area Chamber of Commerce Announces its Support of Proposal 1 on August 5

The Dearborn Area Chamber of Commerce is joining Ford Motor Company, and several other local organizations, businesses and local Chambers in support of Proposal 1, which keeps in place the Michigan Legislature’s bipartisan work to end Personal Property Tax (PPT). The Chamber is backing Proposal 1 to continue its nonpartisan efforts to support maintaining stable revenue for local government while eliminating unfair taxes that have a negative impact on local business in the Dearborn area.

Proposal 1 creates a stable, reliable funding system for Michigan communities to pay for police, fire, ambulances, jails, schools, libraries, roads and other important services when the PPT is eliminated.

“Proposal 1 is a real solution to a real problem for the business community not only in the Dearborn area, but throughout the entire State of Michigan,” commented Jackie Lovejoy, President of the Dearborn Area Chamber of Commerce. “Our Chamber is delighted to join with other Chambers, organizations, and businesses including Ford Motor Company to support stable funding for local government that does not have a negative effect on our business partners, both large and small.”

This proposal guarantees that 100 percent of the estimated lost revenue from the PPT will be reimbursed to local communities. It is paid for by eliminating special corporate tax breaks that the legislature has already voted to end, and by establishing a special statewide Essential Services Assessment paid only by manufacturers receiving a Personal Property Tax reduction.

Helpful links:  The State of Michigan Website  The Center For Michigan, a non-profit, non-partisan think and do tank