Detailed Information

Ear Center Audiology has been helping the hearing impaired in the Dearborn/Dearborn Heights area for over 20 years.  Their team of Audiologists offers the most advanced digital programmable hearing instruments in today’s market. A hearing screening can pinpoint the exact area of hearing loss and allows our audiologists to determine the right hearing instrument for you.  They ensure an accurate assessment by testing you with a variety of methods including an audiometric test for frequency-specific sensitivity, and a volume test to measure the mobility of the eardrum. A full hearing test also includes a word recognition test to evaluate hearing clarity in speech, and an otoscopic exam to see any earwax, foreign objects, or signs of fluid.  The doctors at Ear Center Audiology specialize in performing the following tests for patients who are experiencing balance issues, dizziness and/or tinnitus.  Their staff consists of 2 doctors of Audiology, and Hearing Instrument Specialists, plus their office staff. Ear Center Audiology also makes weekly in-home visits to Beaumont Commons and Henry Ford Retirement Village.

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