Detailed Information

Since publishing the first Town Money Saver magazine in 1992, it’s been a company goal and mission to offer the highest return on investment of any local advertisement.  Dearborn Town Money Saver is a franchised monthly direct mail magazine delivered via the United States Postal Service, and is part of the Town Money Saver family.  This magazine is delivered to other neighboring communities totaling over 200 thousand addresses in Wayne County.  There are three ways to advertise in Dearborn Town Money Saver and they have every type of business and industry covered.  Businesses can choose to place their ad in the magazine, place an insert in the magazine, or advertise on a direct address post card that is delivered with the magazine, but separate for better exposure.  Post cards can be printed and delivered for less than 12 cents per piece and inserts can be printed very economically as well.  Their goal is to become part of the local community both economically and from a charitable standpoint. If you are looking for an extremely effective way to advertise your business or organization, please call for prices and set up your appointment today.  Dearborn Town Money Saver can handle your print and online advertising needs, not only in the Dearborn area, but other surrounding areas.  Pick up your free Dearborn Town Money Saver magazine at the Dearborn Chamber of Commerce office and start saving today!