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What does Club Pilates do for you?
What is Club Pilates?
The Club Pilates Method is not only for traditional Pilates enthusiasts. It’s for anyone looking to build strength, increase flexibility and improve range of motion.

Club Pilates is a Pilates studio that’s part of Xponential Fitness. Xponential Fitness is a global franchise group of boutique fitness brands. Club Pilates offers reformer-based Pilates classes.
Club Pilates offers a free 30-minute intro class. The classes are taught by instructors who have completed more than 500 hours of Pilates training.

Club Pilates uses props and equipment like:
Reformer, TRX, Bosu, Springboard, EXO chairs, Triggerpoint foam rollers.

Club Pilates says that consistent Pilates practice can:
Improve posture
Strengthen the core
Correct muscle imbalances
Create a strong foundation for movement