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Welcome to CLASPP, where we’re revolutionizing the smartphone accessory industry with our eco-friendly approach! Did you know that the average phone user retains their device for 2 to 3 years, yet the plastic phone case they discard can last up to a staggering 1000 years? Shockingly, more than 1.5 Billion phone cases find their way to landfills annually, contributing to environmental degradation.

Why aren’t plastic phone cases recycled like packaging and water bottles?

At CLASPP, we’re on a mission to disrupt this harmful cycle. Our innovative return shipping program ensures the responsible recycling of specialized plastics from phone cases, preventing them from entering the regular household trash stream. Join us in making a difference by choosing a cost-effective and environmentally conscious option.

We understand that most plastic phone case users would prefer to have their cases recycled rather than contributing to a millennium of pollution. Our commitment is to keep these specialized plastics away from landfills, where they break down into microplastics that contaminate our soil and water with pesticides and metals.

While eliminating petroleum-based plastics is the ultimate goal, at CLASPP, we’re taking a proactive approach. We’re actively researching and developing suitable replacement materials that consume less energy than traditional plastics, are durable for phone case use, and can biodegrade into essential nutrients, completing the recycling loop through the ecosystem.

Choose CLASPP for a green, biodegradable, and recyclable solution – together, let’s save the planet!