Associate Level (1-25 Employees)
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AOM Engineering Solutions:
AOM Engineering Solutions, LLC stands out with over four decades of experience in agile engineering and distress management, specializing in engineering and business turnaround solutions tailored for dynamic environments. Their approach combines in-house expertise with strategic partnerships, enabling them to handle complex projects seamlessly through a singular contact point.

Business consulting services are pivotal in guiding companies through the nuances of developing business credit, crucial for growth and securing financing. These services encompass strategic planning, cash flow management, and implementation plans across business facets, helping companies align with their long-term goals and ensuring sustainable growth.

Engineering consulting services focus on enhancing operational efficiency and productivity through lean practices and other methodologies. By understanding company operations and identifying improvement areas, these services aim to streamline processes, reduce waste, and improve quality, thereby aiding companies in gaining a competitive edge and adapting to market changes more effectively.

AOM Property Inspection Solutions:
AOM Property Inspection Solutions emphasizes the critical role of home inspections in ensuring the safety, quality, and value of properties while harnessing advanced drone technology to enhance its services. Our use of FAA licensed drone pilots for inspections and aerial photography underscores our commitment to safety, professionalism, and accessing hard-to-reach areas at elevated levels. This innovative approach allows for comprehensive property evaluations, including detailed roof inspections and landscape assessments, providing potential buyers and sellers with invaluable insights and a unique perspective on the property. By integrating drone technology with traditional home inspection practices, AOM offers a more thorough and engaging evaluation process, setting a high standard in the real estate inspection industry.

Furthermore, the utilization of drones for real estate photography by AOM Property Inspection Solutions adds significant value to listings, capturing breathtaking aerial views that highlight the property’s best features. This modern technique not only showcases properties in their best light but also offers a competitive edge in the real estate market. The combination of expert home inspections, conducted by InterNACHI certified inspectors, and cutting-edge drone photography ensures that clients receive a comprehensive understanding of their investment. AOM’s approach not only aids in the discovery of potential issues but also assists in making informed decisions, ultimately leading to smoother transactions and enhanced satisfaction for all parties involved.

AOM Engineering Drone Services:
AOM Engineering Drone Services stands at the forefront of aerial mapping, serving as a pivotal resource for civil engineering, architectural endeavors, and land development. Their advanced drone technology delivers precise, in-depth topographic data, critical for the meticulous planning required by land developers, builders, and city municipalities. Through high-resolution aerial photography, AOM offers unparalleled insights into construction management, providing a comprehensive bird’s-eye view that is essential for tracking project progress, evaluating terrain conditions, and strategizing infrastructure developments. This aerial vantage point not only revolutionizes the way construction projects are monitored but also enhances the ability of developers and municipalities to make informed decisions, ensuring projects adhere to the highest standards of precision and efficiency.

In the real estate sector, AOM stands out by utilizing drones and unique camera technology for both interior and exterior photography, capturing every aspect of a property in stunning detail. This approach not only highlights the unique features of a home but also ensures that listings stand out in a crowded market. AOM’s services are tailored to meet the specific requirements and needs of each client, beginning with a professional meeting to understand the scope of work before any service is performed. This personalized approach ensures that all projects, whether for engineering, architectural, or real estate purposes, are executed with precision, meeting clients’ expectations and delivering results that truly showcase the potential of each property in a way that’s easily understood by the general public.