Staff Directory

Jackie Lovejoy 2 lowJackie Lovejoy

I am delighted to serve in my role as president with the Dearborn Area Chamber of Commerce.  Working with our fabulous staff, we continue to offer relevant and engaging programming, and professional services our members have come to expect. During my 14 years with Davenport University part of my charge as Campus Director, Admissions Training Manager and and Director of Job Development was chamber and charity involvement, board participation and community outreach.  Being a community partner and participating in the Dearborn areas’ growth thrills us each day!

Renee Aloe
Director of Membership Services

Dearborn is a city that holds the key to successful businesses, education and comfortable living. Being a resident myself and having the opportunity to work in Dearborn, I see people who take pride in this city everyday. Whether your a business owner, home owner, or visitor the benefits in Dearborn are never ending.

Kelli Vanden Bosch
Director of Events and Media Relations
I look forward to creating memorable experiences through creative event planning and management.

PJ Lemanski
Director of Small Business Development

“I am thrilled to be able to have the opportunity to advocate for and pull together the business community of Dearborn and cannot wait to get started”.